Robert Griffin III says he has spoken to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson about recovering from anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

“I talked to Adrian Peterson,” the Washington Redskins quarterback said after Thursday’s offseason practice, when he was asked about seeking advice from other players who have undergone ACL repairs. “That’s the obvious one.”

Asked what Peterson said to him, Griffin said: “What everyone else says.”

Peterson made a famously rapid return from ACL surgery to be in the Vikings’ lineup last season and win the 2012 MVP award. Griffin is rehabilitating his right knee now after undergoing surgery in January for tears of his ACL and lateral collateral ligament.

“I’ve already been through the injury once,” said Griffin, who had a torn ACL in college. “I’m not all-knowing about the injury so I listen to guys. You know, Adrian said what everyone else said. I’m not Adrian. Adrian’s not me. Everybody’s body heals a little bit differently. Rex [Grossman, the Redskins’ third-string quarterback] also tore an ACL in his career. He’s talked to me about the uncertainties that he had with the injury.