Apparently, Saints quarterback Drew Brees left out a few minor details when he told coach Sean Payton in June that he'd be filming an episode of Running in the Wild With Bear Grylls over the offseason.

That episode, which aired on Monday, pretty much left Payton speechless.

Payton admitted this week that before watching Monday's episode, he was under the impression that Brees was going into a "Sea World (type) of environment" with Bear Grylls.

That's not what happened though. Instead, Payton watched in horror as his star quarterback jumped out of a helicopter in Panama and wrestled a crocodile.

"What I saw the other night was completely ... it was a lot different than how it was described to me ... I'm sure that we will look closely at the structure of his contract. It was pretty unbelievable," Payton said on Wednesday, via WWL-TV, the CBS affiliate in New Orleans.