The Dodgers newest marquee man Zack Greinke may not be quite the best pitcher in baseball (he isn't, as he readily admits). But he is almost surely the most honest person in the game.

Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Doesn't have it in him to lie. Just can't do it.

He tells you flat out his free agency was about the money, first and foremost. Others claim it isn't, but they're fibbing. Greinke is incapable.

“If I lie I forget what I said the first time. I won't remember the lie. I don't know how people do it,'' Greinke said.

Good for Greinke.

Clubhouses are no different from other workplaces, where BS often reigns. Greinke's locker is a BS-free zone. No spin there. That's saved for his pitches.

Greinke, who got a $147-million, six-year Dodgers deal, is “well spoken, insightful, unfiltered,'' general manager Ned Colletti said.

Exactly right. Especially the unfiltered part.

Greinke reads everything, hears everything and seemingly knows everything. He wants the record straight, and he works at keeping it that way.

And money in free agency, to him, was no small thing.