In his 12 seasons as a coordinator, Gregg Williams’ defenses have made their reputations by applying plenty of pressure on quarterbacks, by creating turnovers and by keeping opponents out of the end zone.

His defenses have finished in the NFL’s top 10 in red-zone defense seven times, in points allowed four times and in overall yards four times.

But Williams, who the Titans hired Thursday to be senior assistant/defense, acknowledged he may have to make some changes in his Xs and Os approach — in part because his last season with the Saints was a bad one and in part because the offensive-minded game of football continues to change.

Williams pointed back to 2007, the last time he and current Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray worked together. Since then, he said, “there’s been a huge evolution of style of defense.”

The defense the Titans play this fall will likely be “a mix of aggressiveness and a mix of bend-but-don’t-break,” Williams said.

“That’s always been a part of what I’m about anyway. You have to adapt to the situation with what is needed to be effective during that time of the game. Maybe it is bend-but-don’t break. Maybe it is pressure. But we’ve got to do what is best for the players here.”

In 2009, his first year in New Orleans, Williams helped the Saints win the franchise’s first Super Bowl, besting Peyton Manning and the Colts.

The Saints gave up a lot of yards and a decent number of points that season, but they balanced those numbers by finishing third in red-zone defense and second in takeaways — returning the ball repeatedly to Drew Brees and a terrific offense.