The offseason began with speculation and reports that Greg Schiano did not see Josh Freeman as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' long-term answer at quarterback.

In the months since, Schiano has done his best to shoot down that line of thinking. The coach has spoken positively about Freeman's progress, and he did it again Monday when NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano asked Schiano who his quarterback is.

"We only have one," Schiano said on "NFL Total Access." "It's Josh Freeman."

The Bucs selected Mike Glennon in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft, but it has become apparent there will be no quarterback battle come training camp.

"I believe in competition, and Mike Glennon is going to be a tremendous quarterback in his time," Schiano said. "But we have a quarterback, it's Josh Freeman. He had a really good spring. I think it's really coming together, being in this system for a second year now and hearing the things over again after being able to study it, I'm really encouraged.

"I know Mike Sullivan, our offensive coordinator, he's encouraged. We're looking forward to big things. Josh is going to have a big year."