During a frenetic scene in Atlanta last weekend, Chris Wilcox and Detroit coach John Kuester were arguing with referees after Wilcox was assessed a technical.

Rookie Greg Monroe stood by, observing, not saying a word.

Then, as Kuester headed toward midcourt to get more involved, Monroe motioned to him.

"Coach, let it go," he said.

Kuester stood shocked for a second, almost frozen. But he walked back to the bench, in awe of the rookie's poise.

"It was interesting because I said, 'What did you say?'" Kuester said. "And he said, 'Let it go.' I said, 'All right, I will.'"

In such a crazy season, Monroe is one player who chose to remain above the fray.

It would be easy for a rookie to fall into the drama that's transpired the first 70 games.

"He's showing a level of maturity that is way above his years," Kuester said.

Monroe was getting banged around on every turn against Atlanta, with his 250-pound frame falling face first after a hard drive and score against Josh Smith.