Losing is a learned behavior for most young NBA players.

For the first time in most of their lives, they can have a good or even great game but the outcome would still mean an "L" on the ledger, something that never happened in high school and rarely happened in college.

Pistons big man Greg Monroe, mired in the worst losing stretch in his career, knows the feeling of looking at the box score at the end of the night and asking himself, "Will this ever end?"

Yet, with the exception of one night in Indiana where he was incensed with someone, either himself or his coach, he has stood up to try to explain why the Pistons came up short, why the guys in the other locker room walked away with a feeling of satisfaction he hasn't felt enough.

Losing nine of 10 games can turn that desire to win into a feeling of resignation, but Monroe insists these days won't last too much longer.

"Yeah, I'm always optimistic and think that we're gonna win games," said Monroe after one of his worst games, where he missed his first eight shots in the Pistons' eight-point loss to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. "I'm never gonna think we're never having a chance."

As quiet and soft-spoken as he tends to be, he knows the landscape is changing and that the Pistons are taking their lumps, as their playoff hopes have dwindled. In his mind, they're going through this for the last time.

"Everybody goes through this cycle," Monroe said. "Three or four years ago, Oklahoma City had one of the worst records and look at them now. It's about continuing to work, getting the players who'll buy in."

It's true the Thunder started off 3-29 in the 2008-09 season. The next season, they pushed the eventual-champion Lakers to six games in the first round of the playoffs. The year after that, the Thunder ascended to the Western Conference finals. Last season, they took it one step closer, to the NBA Finals where they fell in five games to the Miami Heat.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130315/SPORTS0102/303150366#ixzz2NcYmasyt