Briefly, Greg Jennings let a shred of bitterness bleed through his opening news conference as a Minnesota Viking.

One particular criticism irritated him.

"I can definitely still make plays and be as exciting as I was in my earlier years," said the wide receiver, wearing new Vikings garb. "And I'm not old. I'm 29. Let me throw that out there."

Noted. With another Green Bay Packer embracing purple Friday, this NFC North rivalry rages on.

Jennings' decision came down to the Packers and the Vikings. Minnesota, he said, "stepped up to the plate." After seven years in Green Bay, Jennings is a Viking at the reported price of $47.5 million over five years with $18 million guaranteed.

Green Bay stayed in the race for Jennings. In the end, simply, the Vikings offered more money. So Jennings crossed state lines, just as Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell and Brett Favre before him.