After taking a half-hour detour while winding his way to TD Garden this week, Jeff Green is still figuring out the best route to commute to work. Nor was Green quite certain where to be on the court last night. But he is bringing another dimension to the Celtics' frontcourt as he learns the offense.

Green scored 21 points in 28 minutes in a 107-103 win over the Golden State Warriors. Green alternated between forward positions, outrunning opposing big men and overpowering the smaller ones.

"He just ran the floor,'' coach Doc Rivers. "He's a gazelle, the guy can absolutely fly. And our guys know that now and you can see them, they're giving it to him, and he knows that they'll get it to him so he's running.

"There's a couple times that Kevin [Garnett] actually slowed down so he could run by him because he saw that he has his man beat. And that's just great awareness.''