The wonders of Istanbul beckon, and Jeff Green is sure that he'll spend time gazing up at the heavenly dome of Aya Sophia and maybe even the radiant tiles of The Blue Mosque.

But the Celtics [team stats] forward isn't too concerned, because it's not basketball. For a player trying to finally fit in with the team he joined in the spring of 2010, ancient architecture isn't all that important.

"Whatever the tour guy says is the most popular, I guess. Find a tour guide, take my camera and take pictures," Green said of sight-seeing interests after yesterday's practice. "It depends on how my body feels. The most important thing is this game we have (tomorrow), and if I'm fatigued and tired, I'll take my rest in my room."

He'll probably spend that time contemplating moments such as yesterday, when his hesitancy with the ball led to a mild lecture by Doc Rivers from a timeout. The Celtics coach, who is trying to unlock the secret to Green's obvious talent, had a simple message. Shoot or drive. Do something.

Green quietly leaned against the scorer's table and absorbed the critique. His goal is to move on from this, to finally fit in.

"It's been great being under Doc from the start, and having these guys around me and me knowing their games and them knowing me a little bit more," he said of coming back from a lost season. "It's all coming along and hopefully it continues. I don't have to figure out how to fit in. The more we play together, the more we learn. It allows (Rajon) Rondo, Paul (Pierce), Kevin (Garnett) and myself to know where guys like it.