Sometimes it may seem that all Jeff Green needs is a little jolt or, in the case of last night, a fall to the floor that bruises his elbow and raises his game.
It also raised the normally quiet forward’s humor. Green, who was whistled for a charge on the play, returned from a brief trainer’s exam to hit five of his next six shots. He also supplied the energy shot the Celtics needed for last night’s 94-86 win over Golden State, one of the most lethal scoring teams in the league.
When someone asked Green if he needed Doc Rivers to give him the occasional head slap, he smiled.

“I would like that to happen,” he joked before admitting that yes, sometimes these moments do indeed affect his game the right way. “But certain things need to happen for me to get going. . . . It kind of woke me up a little bit. It kind of got my shot to start falling.”
Paul Pierce, who pointed a finger at himself for opening the third quarter with three turnovers that helped give the Warriors life, got into the spirit with a coast-to-coast dunk shortly after Green went out.
“Everybody wants to be Jeff, but it can’t happen,” Green shrugged, smiling again.
Green’s 18-point performance, topped only by Pierce’s 26, may have taken care of the offensive end on a night when Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry shot a combined 4-for-21.
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