The preseason Super Bowl favorite Green Bay Packers finished a disappointing 11-5 in the regular season. Most teams would be thrilled with a 10-win season and a playoff victory -- but the Packers aren't most teams. Coming off a dominant 2011 season that saw only one regular-season loss, the assumption was that the Packers would build off it, and add the final pieces to their puzzle. Ultimately it was the more skilled San Francisco 49ers who outmuscled Green Bay on their offensive and defensive lines, resulting in a divisional playoff victory.

This is an immensely talented football team that needs to address their few issues right now. Their window won't be open forever, and while Aaron Rodgers is still on the better side of 30, the coaching staff can't keep relying on him to carry the burden alone. They have an excellent stable of wide receivers, but in order to regain Super Bowl glory, Green Bay has to support their quarterback.