Don't give Pacers forward Danny Granger grief over his comments about the Bulls. Give Granger a studio seat and some air time after his Pacers lose in five.

His spot-on analysis of the Bulls and respect for the Celtics experience was more accurate than offensive.

"Boston's a different monster," Granger said. "They don't have the best record in the East, but they won championships. They know how to do it. They have four, five guys you have to worry about, from (Paul) Pierce, (Rajon) Rondo, (Kevin) Garnett and (Ray) Allen.

"Chicago, they go as Derrick Rose goes. If you make a concerted effort to stop Derrick Rose, you have a better chance to beat them."

Sure, stop Rose, stop the Bulls. That's like a weatherman saying all he has to do to prevent a heat wave is hide the sun. Identifying the problem doesn't mean you have a clue how to solve it.

The Bulls have been too mature and focused to need bulletin-board material anyway. But for insight on how trash talk might spice up a Pacers-Bulls playoff matchup, I went to the expert.

"I like what he said,'' said Reggie Miller, the Pacers legend who's a TNT analyst. "Now Granger has to go out and back it up. If you do the talking you have to do the walking.''

The last time the Bulls and Pacers met in the playoffs, in 1998, few NBA superstars talked or walked with more bravado than Miller. Michael Jordan once compared playing against Miller to "chicken-fighting.'' Miller retired in 2005 as the all-time leading 3-point shooter (Ray Allen has since passed him) but had even better aim with his barbs. He was hard to guard and easy to hate.