It was an inside fastball that hit Curtis Granderson on the right forearm, just above his wrist. Initially, Granderson thought it was no big deal.

“Not right away because it was just one specific spot (that hurt),” Granderson said. “Nothing moved up or down. No numbness. No tingling. Just that spot. Kind of felt like you hit your funny bone, but only in that spot. Even as we were waiting for the X-ray they were like, ‘Is it starting to tingle?’ I said, not really. He goes, ‘OK, that’s a good sign.’ Then they looked at it and said, there it is.”

Broken forearm. It’s expected to take 10 weeks for Granderson to be ready to rejoin the big league team, which puts him back in the lineup the first week of May. It leaves a month-long hole and some immediate uncertainty.

Who is going to fill the roster spot?
The Yankees have veterans Matt Diaz and Juan Rivera in camp. They also have older minor league outfielders like Ronnier Mustelier, Zoilo Almonte, Thomas Neal and Adonis Garcia. Brian Cashman mentioned that his scouts have just started watching games and it’s still too early to know which players might become available.

Cashman said this morning that he wouldn’t want a young guy in a part-time, right-handed platoon role. But that’s not necessarily the case for a situation like this.

“Now we’ll be forced to really evaluate that aspect of it,” Cashman said. “You’re not asking guys (to sit for a long time). Could you bring a guy up right now for the first month in an everyday situation? We’ll look at that. We’ll look at it all. We have no choice. When these things happen you adjust, so we’ll be forced to adjust.”