What's been rumored is one step closer to reality. Jack Curry reports that Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson is shagging fly balls in left. Curry describes it as the "precursor" to Granderson becoming the Yankees' left fielder, shifting the returning Brett Gardner over to center, and changing the landscape of the outfield dramatically. This shift could revitalize the Yankees' defense in way that makes up for some of the less-positive portions of the off-season.

Granderson will be 32 years old in 2013, so, while not ancient even by baseball's harsh standards, he has left his speediest days behind. Granderson's steals and baserunning values have always fluctuated, so it's tough to glean much about his speed from those figures, but he's long been a defensive player who relies on his speed in order to make up for poor jumps and routes. Any drop in his quickness is going to hurt him defensively since he lacks the instincts of some other center fielders, and if the Yankees are moving him over to left, then they likely feel that dip in speed has come.