Now that a certain basketball player has decided to make another decision, decisively, all eyes normally watching the NFL can turn to New Orleans.

The Saints and tight end Jimmy Graham must reach a long-term deal by Tuesday, July 15. If they don’t, the Saints and Graham can thereafter sign only a one-year deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the discussions have to date gone slowly. Which means there’s a chance the discussions will go down to the wire.

This means that Graham’s window for appealing the decision that he’s a tight end and not a receiver for franchise tag purposes will close before a deal is, or isn’t, done. The CBA states that Graham “must serve on the other party and file with the System Arbitrator a notice of appeal within ten (10) days of the date of the award appealed from.”

The arbitrator issued his ruling on July 2. That makes Saturday, July 12, the deadline. This means that Graham may have to file his appeal as soon as today, in order to ensure that he doesn’t technically fail to file “within” 10 days of the decision.