With the NHL trade deadline fast approaching, you have to figure some Maple Leafs are getting a little antsy — especially those whose names keep popping up as possible trade bait. You could count speedy centre Mikhail Grabovski among them.

What makes Grabovski's situation a little more tenuous than, say, defenceman Luke Schenn's, is that he can be an unrestricted free agent in the summer. Schenn, meanwhile, signed a new deal before the start of the season.

UFAs have contracts that expire this summer and, without a contract extension, they are free to sign with any team they choose on July 1. That makes current teams a little more likely to deal them, to make sure they get some compensation for the leaving player.

Leafs general manager Brian Burke has said he doesn't make trade decisions based on a player's free-agent status, but you have to figure the tires have been kicked on Grabovski more than once.