I fell down a Baseball Reference hole this morning. You can only stare at projected lesions of the nervous and ocular systems for so long before you ultimately start looking up Octavio Dotel's stats. I mean, which would you rather learn about: holoprosencephaly or what hitters Dotel has allowed to hit the most homeruns off him? I've seen enough cyclopes for one lifetime.

If you don't regularly check out random players' home run logs on B-R, you really should. I'm rather fond of doing so for pitchers who've played in both leagues and have been pitching for at least ten seasons, furthering my fascination with Dotel. No player has hit more than three homeruns off the wily veteran, which is interesting. Mark McGwire, Gary Sheffield, and Sammy Sosa have all hit three. Nothing surprising there, seeing as they're all members of the 500 homerun club. Four of the next six names make a solid deal of sense as well. Aramis Ramirez, Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, Scott Rolen. And then the names start getting weird. D'Angelo Jimenez. And Gordon Beckham.

Gordon Beckham is one grooved fastball away from joining a four way tie for hitting the most homeruns off Octavio Dotel with three prolific homerun hitters. That makes no damn sense.