He is the foreign-born Suns point guard with a young son named Mateo and a penchant for injuries and gashes to the face.

No, not Steve Nash. His son’s name is spelled Matteo.

It is Goran Dragic, whose month of ankle sprains and head-on collisions continued Wednesday night when he butted heads with Portland’s Mo Williams while chasing a loose ball. The result was a gash requiring 13 stitches over Dragic’s left eye, where he was cut at the end of last season.

Dragic vowed to play in Friday night’s game immediately after the loss at Portland but the eye swelled shut by Thursday morning, reminiscent of Nash’s one-eyed effort in Game4 of the 2010 Western Conference finals.

With ice, Dragic’s eye cracked open enough by Thursday afternoon’s practice to take shots.

“If I get hit, I get hit,” Dragic said, insisting he will play Friday night. “I already used all my sick days. Hopefully, this is the end of those days.”

Dragic said head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson sent a photo of Dragic’s wounded eye to Nash with a note reading, “You have a double.”