NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated Wednesday that the league is considering making fundamental changes with how in-game replay reviews are handled.

"I think our officials do an incredible job, but there's always room for improvement," Goodell told NFL Media's Albert Breer at the Special League Meeting in Irving, Texas. "We've had some errors that we think we need to correct. Some of the things we're discussing is how to do that, whether there are changes to replay, or to how we train or what we do on the field."

Breer asked Goodell about potentially expanding the role of NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino on Sundays when it comes to replays. ProFootballTalk reported Sunday that the league will consider bringing all replay reviews in-house.

"With respect to replay ... we're going to look at everything," Goodell said. "Our No. 1 focus is to make sure we're providing the best officiating. We always think we can improve. Consistency is important. By bringing it into the league office on Sundays and having one person actually making that decision, you can make an argument there's consistency.