A friend had a question: Which Blackhawks game during their record 19-0-3 start sums up this team the best?

My answer came pretty quickly: None.

Because they’ve won too many games in too many different ways.

You can marvel over Ray Emery’s incredible 45-save theft of a shootout win in Calgary. You can love Patrick Kane’s perfect back pass to Marian Hossa for the overtime winner in Dallas. You can smile about chasing Phoenix goalie Mike Smith.

But you can’t pick just one win and say that’s the game.

The Hawks have won when the goaltending was unconscious and unreliable. On Thursday, they won with both goalies shutting out an opponent.

They’ve won by ending games early with a blizzard of goals. They’ve won by rallying late. And they’ve won when blowing a lead late and then prevailing later still.

You could jump out of your seat over Nick Leddy’s overtime winner against the evil Red Wings in January. You could sit there in awe of Jonathan Toews coming up big and early in a statement game in St. Louis last week. You could scream about Kane’s late power-play goal and dazzling shootout winner in Detroit on Sunday.

There are more choices, and that’s the point. The Hawks’ variety of wins shows the depth and breadth of the roster, coaching and management.

They’re intimidating teams with their speed and skill. Defensemen seem to back up quickly, and Kane looks like he’s getting the Pavel Datsyuk treatment from opponents who hesitate in trying to hit him because he appears shiftier this season.