It doesn’t rank right up there with the parting of the Red Sea but manager John Gibbons pulled a Moses act out of his bag of tricks and for Thursday’s finale in Motown decided that it was a good day to sit Emilio Bonifacio and have Maicer Izturis man second base.

Simply put, the play of Bonifacio at second has been less than what is expected of a major leaguer while the play of Maicer at third has also been borderline.

It just goes to show how much this team misses Brett Lawrie simply from a defensive standpoint.

So, for the series finale, Gibbons had Izturis back at his regular spot, which is second, with veteran third baseman Mark DeRosa at the hot corner.

Bonifacio was on the bench.

Playing Bonifacio at second and Izturis at third has been a flawed experiment as Bonifacio has seen most of his duty in the past few years in the outfield. At second, he is out of position.

Izturis, meanwhile, is not accustomed to third, although he has played there in the past. He does not have the arm strength for the position and his reaction time to balls smashed his way has been poor. He has mistimed a number of jumps on line drives that were catchable and his poor footwork has also resulted in some defensive miscues.