Mark Teixeira made a wacky proclamation last winter about a plan to bunt more, and everyone knows how that worked out in 2012.

Asked Tuesday for his goal for next season, the Yankees' first baseman deadpanned that he will "probably be a 50-50 guy," meaning 50 home runs and stolen bases.

"After what I did in Game 5 against the Orioles," Teixeira added about his key stolen base in that series-clinching win, "there's nothing that tells me I can't steal 50."

Speaking at a symposium for Beyond Sport United at the Stadium, Teixeira said he is simply is hoping for a healthier 2013 campaign after battling a nagging cough for the first two months last season and a calf injury that forced him out of the lineup for 30 of 31 games through Sept. 30.

"I think I had two healthy months all year, and that's disappointing," said Teixeira, who finished with 24 home runs, 84 RBI and a .251 average after shedding about 15 pounds last winter. "I thought if I can get a little bit quicker, maybe a little bit lighter, maybe it will help out over a long season.

"But it's about me in the box. If I was healthy all year I would've had another 30-100 season. But because I missed 30-plus games, I wasn't able to do the things I usually do. . . . I make my money in the field and at the plate. If I can drive in 100 runs, hit 30 home runs and win a Gold Glove, I'm happy. That's what I need to be for this team."

Teixeira drove in only one run in nine postseason games, but he did bat .281 in the playoffs. The $180 million first baseman was far from the biggest culprit in the aging Yanks' October slump.

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