Once again, Warriors power forward David Lee is putting up numbers that rival the league's best. He's tied for third in the league with 12 double-doubles and is averaging 18.5 points and 11.3 rebounds per game.

"He's a heck of a player," coach Mark Jackson said of Lee. "I think he's the same David Lee, but he's winning."

But this hardly seems like the same Lee, especially not lately. He isn't racking up numbers in the first three quarters, then disappearing in the fourth quarter. He isn't getting destroyed by elite power forwards. His contributions aren't coming only on offense.

The last two games especially, both Warriors road victories, Lee has been the guy to make the big shot.

He's come up with the critical rebound. He's been the one emerging from the pile with the key rebound.

Lee hasn't just been part of a winning team but also a catalyst for winning. The Warriors (13-7) are off to their best start since 1991-92, in many ways directly because of Lee.

That's not a feat he's been able to claim previously in an eight-season NBA career during which he's never played on a winning team.

"He's closing games with garbage plays, rebounds, big shots," Warriors point guard Stephen Curry said. "He was probably seen as a stat-stuffer. I know last year and the year before, you'd look up and he'd have 28 and 15, and you're wondering how that happened. And we were losing. It adds more meaning to what he's doing