The Tim Tebow saga could drag all the way into training camp and Darrelle Revis’ recovery from knee surgery is ahead of schedule, new Jets general manager John Idzik told a group of fans yesterday.

Speaking on a conference call with season-ticket holders, Idzik and coach Rex Ryan kept it close to the vest on most of the topics raised in the 30-minute session.

But they were a little more forthcoming on Revis’ injury situation and Tebow’s future, with Idzik saying Revis is making better-than-expected progress in his recovery from a torn ACL while hinting Tebow is a bigger part of the team’s plans than many analysts think.

“By all accounts and by his doctor’s accounts, he’s doing very well,” Idzik said of Revis before Revis’ comments on “The Real Robinson Report yesterday on how much he’d love to play for the 49ers.. “By their estimation, he’s ahead of schedule.”

As for Tebow, Idzik indicated the backup quarterback, whose presence created a season-long sideshow last year, could be afforded the chance to impress the Jets’ new offensive coaches into training camp.

Despite that comment, it remains extremely unlikely Tebow will even make it to minicamp this spring in a Jets uniform.

League sources say the Jets are hoping to trade Tebow — a virtually impossible scenario — and will release him before June if a deal doesn’t happen, but Idzik tried to play it straight yesterday.

“Tim, as you know, is currently on our roster,” Idzik said. “What we’re doing is we’re trying to increase competition at [quarterback], so we’re going to let the competition play out. We’re going to see who we’re able to bring on board and let it play out this off-season and into training camp. So I think that’ll be healthy for all concerned, including Tim.”

Idzik and Ryan sidestepped repeated questions about their reported desire to trade Revis as a way to rebuild the team quicker and to avoid losing the All-Pro cornerback for essentially nothing in free agency next year.