Tuesday is kind of a big deal in Arizona, the future of the Coyotes seems to hang in the balance.

On Tuesday night the city of Glendale will open a meeting regarding the proposed lease and then eventually -- probably on Wednesday morning, at least in the East -- the council will vote on it. This much we know: If it fails, it likely spells the end of the Coyotes in Arizona.

Will it fail, though? That's the big question that even the odds makers at Bovada are taking on.

Will the City of Glendale Approve Section 6, Item 26 of the Agenda; "Authorization for Lease Financing"

Yes, City Votes For Lease Financing: +150 (3-2)

No, City Votes Against Lease Financing: -200 (1-2)

As you can tell, the lease being voted through is the favorite to happen. So the team will be sold to Renaissance Sports & Entertainment to keep the team in Glendale, right?

"I'm not prepared to presuppose any particular result," NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told Bruce Garrioch. "We obviously hope the council members will recognize the value the Coyotes' franchise brings to the community, both as a point of social connection and as a business and financial engine for the surrounding area."

But perhaps it won't be that clear-cut. Nothing in this story can be, you see.