This week, the Vancouver Canucks made one of hockey's worst-kept secrets official, firing Alain Vigneault as their head coach after being swept by the Sharks in the first round of the playoffs.

Though Vigneault's team didn't live up to lofty expectations this season, he is widely considered a high quality NHL coach, and Puck Daddy writer Ryan Lambert wrote that Vigneault was the "best and most successful coach in franchise history by just about any metric."

So with all the praise for Vigneault, why did he get the axe? For the sins of his general manager, Lambert argues.

"Just as the GM can only do so much with the tools he's given by his owner, so too can the coach only do the best he can with the tools his boss gives him," Lambert wrote.

And Vigneault isn't the only coach to suffer for his GM's incompetence this off-season, Lambert argues.