An old fellow working on the Wells Fargo Center service level stopped a passerby the other day and pointed up to a basketball hoop that hangs from a wall not far from the Flyers dressing room.

"See that up there," the man said. "That's Claude Giroux's."

The Flyers All-Star center laughed Friday when the story was relayed.

"I did ask for it," said Giroux, who grew up in Northern Ontario playing some playground basketball and rooting for the Toronto Raptors.

A bunch of his teammates typically gather before home games to make a circle and kick around a soccer ball, but Giroux typically works up his pre-game sweat taking awkward-looking jump shots, chasing down his rebounds and dropping in layups at his personal hoop.

After practice on Friday, Giroux peeled off some equipment tape, rolled it up and shot an air ball at a waste-paper basket that was across the dressing room.

"I can make that!" Giroux said disgustedly.

Nothing's been going in of late for Giroux, who still is among the NHL scoring leaders with 50 points in 41 games but mired in his worst slump of the season.