The new-look Sabres came out firing on most cylinders tonight, and earned their way to a 2-1 shootout win over the tired Senators.

It took sixty five minutes and a ten round shootout, but when the ice chips settled in the First Niagara Center, the Sabres walked away with just their fourth home victory of the season.

After coming off a strong but ultimately fruitless performance in Montreal, the Sabres were again rewarded for their hard work tonight, controlling play against the Ottawa Senators for long stretches of the game, and overcoming adversity that on other nights (and under other coaches) might have done them in.

A quick whistle eliminated what would have been the go-ahead goal for Buffalo, but the Sabres didn't let it get them down, instead rallying to control the majority of the second period, where they tallied a whopping 18 shots. Yes, you read that right, the Buffalo Sabres recorded 18 shots in a single period - a total that had too often been for the entire game.

Mix in strong play all night long from Ryan Miller, who made 36 saves, and good chemistry from the new lines, and the end result was the small-but-feisty crowd in Buffalo leaving with a smile on their faces.