There seems to be universal agreement about Derek Jeter’s current situation, and what it will be on Opening Day. It’s the six weeks in between that are a bit vague and murky.

“We just have to watch how he progresses as we go through,” Joe Girardi said. “Obviously there’s no rush to get him in games. It’s not like we don’t have a ton of time left. We’re just going to have to judge how he’s doing every day and how he’s progressing and then make a determination when he should start playing in games and if he’s ready Opening Day. Knowing Derek, I feel like he’ll be ready, but we’ll have to go through this to see.”

This morning, Jeter made it clear that he expects to be ready for the opener. He also made it clear that he won’t be ready to play when the exhibition schedule begins on Saturday. He believes he’ll be the same player he was last season, but he also knows he’ll turn 39 in June and will be playing with a plate in his left ankle. The Yankees always say they never bet against Jeter — he’s given them plenty of reasons to say that — and they’ve said all along that he’s expected to be ready for the Opening Day, but it became clear today just how uncertain the next month or two will be.

“I’m going to have to push myself,” Jeter said.

Girardi seemed to leave every option on the table. He said he doesn’t have a number of spring at-bats in mind, and he doesn’t know how often Jeter will be able to play the field. He only knows that Jeter’s not quite ready today, and he’s going to need some occasional rest during the season. The rest, basically, depends on Jeter’s progress. Girardi said it’s “absolutely” possible that Jeter will regularly Dh against lefties.