The Yankees have uncertainty up and down their roster, but manager Joe Girardi understands that whatever they do this offseason will be affected by what happens to Alex Rodriguez.

“I think whether you have him or not … it’s important that we know,” Girardi said. “Because if we’re not going to have him, we need to fill that void.”

Rodriguez and the organization almost certainly won’t know how much time he is going to miss due to an MLB suspension until the middle of next month, at the earliest.

The third baseman is appealing his 211-game Biogenesis ban. The hearing is on hold until Nov. 18, and arbitrator Fredric Horowitz has 25 days following its conclusion to rule on the case.

As of now, the Yankees have no idea if Rodriguez is going to be available to them or if they will have perhaps an extra $30 million to work with this offseason should Rodriguez’s suspension be upheld for the entire season.

“It does cause us to think a lot about, ‘Do we need a third baseman or do we not need a third baseman?’ ” Girardi said. “Hopefully we’ll know sooner rather than later.”

Girardi acknowledged if the Rodriguez saga extends too far into the offseason, the Yankees will have to look elsewhere.

“I think you do,” Girardi said. “I think it complicates [things]. Hopefully it doesn’t do that. Hopefully it gets taken care of before that, but whatever happens, we’ll deal with it.”

They’ll have to deal with a lot, both over the next few months then once the season rolls around.
Girardi said Derek Jeter, who was limited to just 17 games in 2013 because of leg injuries, had begun working out, but that he would not resume baseball-related activities until January.