Mark Giordano was asked about any possible plans between February 7th and 23rd of the coming year.

“Is that” he replied eyes narrowed mischievously “a trick question?”

His sawed-off interrogator all artificial innocence coughed a little too loudly and shuffled his feet distractedly.

“I’m being dead serious” the Calgary Flames’ captain went on “and I know it’s the standard answer but I really haven’t thought much about it. Before the season my wife and I were talking about going somewhere maybe with some of the other guys on the team and their wives and girlfriends.

“There are a few options I guess. A couple guys said they might go to Phoenix or somewhere like that . . .”

Well uh how about embracing the infinite wonders — traffic snarls corruption — of say Sochi as an alternative during the Olympic break?

“That” replied Giordano “would be a dream come true.”

If Mark Giordano isn’t on Hockey Canada’s Olympic radar right about now someone summon an electrician their equipment’s on the fritz.

We’re awfully early in the process granted. But if there’s a more dependable defenceman in the NHL at the moment he’s pretty well hidden. And it’s not as if Giordano is an unknown commodity in this league either.

Word is that Hockey Canada already has him slotted onto its long list for a defence spot in Russia.

In this form he should be fast-tracking up that pecking order lickety-split. Averaging 24 minutes of ice time and 32 shifts a night six points already the backbone of a patchwork-quilt collection of old pros and impressionable youth working wonders in the early going a first-year captain born to the job.

“I would be his No. 1 supporter” praised Flames’ boss Bob Hartley. “Gosh what’s not to like? Plays hard. Plays smart. This guy’s on the job every day. Practice. Games. He’s pleasant. Coachable. A good family man. The ultimate pro.

“His defensive game is as sound as always. And his offensive contribution has been a pleasant surprise for us.

“I can go on and on and on. You get him in the office it’s always real honest talks. Always for the best of the group. Not Gio. The group. I think all of that explains our choice as captain.

“I can’t imagine any team wouldn’t benefit from having Mark Giordano on it.”