It was little more than two weeks ago that Manu Ginobili issued what seemed to be a definitive statement about his NBA future.

“I’m not planning on retiring,” Ginobili told the Express-News. “There are some days, you’re depressed because you’re hurt and you want to say, ‘The hell with that.’ But I love doing this a lot. Hopefully it’s going to be here.”

But Ginobili, slated for unrestricted free agency this summer as he approaches 36, has since waffled.

First he told the Spanish-speaking media that there’s a 10 percent chance he’ll retire this summer. Now his comments to ESPN add even further fuel to the notion, however small, that Ginobili — perhaps discouraged by his poor play in this year’s playoffs — might call it quits after his 11th season with the Spurs.

“I really don’t know,” Ginobili said Saturday. “All season long I kind of knew that I was going to play one or two more years. But when you are 36 — I’m going to be 36 pretty soon — everything is a day-by-day basis. Once the season finishes and I see how I feel, I can’t imagine me not playing at least one more year here, but time will tell. We’ll see.

“For three quarters of the season it was the physical part. I’d say, ‘No, I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m tired of rehab and trying to be in shape all the time.’ But at this point I’m fine physically, so you are a little more optimistic. But you know, it’s been 18 years doing this.

“You kind of get tired and you want to enjoy a little more time at home sometimes. You go back to Argentina to see your people, and you think about it. I’m going to have time for that too. Sometimes I do think about retirement,” he said. “But then I say, ‘No, no. I love what I do. I’m very lucky to be in a franchise like this.

“So I really can’t picture myself being retired already. There’s a small chance. It’s not that I’m really considering, but I can never say ‘no’ for sure, because I sometimes consider it.”