Justin Tuck sounded like he was spoiling for a fight when he took umbrage with all the criticism he’s received about his lackluster play the past two seasons.

“The one thing I don’t need is motivation but I’ve found a lot of that this offseason’’ Tuck said Saturday. “For all you ignorant writers out there thank you.’’

What would have sounded harsh from someone else really didn’t sound harsh at all coming from Tuck who has a solid relationship with the media and virtually everyone else around in Giants orbit. In fact Tuck admitted he completely understands why there are questions about how much he has left to give after getting a total of only nine sacks the past two seasons.

“That’s why you don’t see me upset about them’’ Tuck said about all the questions about him. “I’m my first critic. I understand where I am in my career and what I’ve done. And the things that I still want to do. But again me looking back at the past is not gonna help me move forward. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m moving forward.’’