Whatever you want to call the past three weeks for the Giants - feel free to use "hell" in your description - it began with two homely losses in Toronto. The fielders played hacky sack with the baseball and the Jays outscored them 21-9.

The Rogers Centre and its turf field might as well have been the Martian surface for Bruce Bochy's boys.

Tuesday night was low-scoring payback time for the Giants, who got to play on real grass, in a San Francisco wind, in their big brick ballpark, and beat the Blue Jays 2-1.

Their kind of score.

"That's more of our style of game, getting good pitching and good defense," Bochy said.

That the good pitching came from Tim Lincecum was all the better for the Giants. He allowed three hits over seven innings and masterfully mixed an array of pitches in his best game since he beat the Braves at home May 12, his only good start of the month.

Call it baby steps, but Lincecum also got his unsightly ERA below 5.00, at 4.75 to be exact. He walked one and got all six of his strikeouts during a stretch of 14 straight batters retired.

The offense came down to a hand of long-ball poker. Edwin Encarnacion hit a "wow" homer off Lincecum in the first inning that bounced atop the roof of the center-field concession stand. Andres Torres said, "I'll see your solo homer to center and raise you a two-run homer to center."

Torres' shot off Josh Johnson in the second inning ended the night's scoring.

"Andres is strong," Bochy said. "That's not his game, but he hit the ball well. All the runs scored on home runs to center field. You don't see that very often here."

One of the more pleasing sights for Bochy was how the Giants caught the ball, which they failed to do in Toronto.

Torres made two nice running catches in succession in the fourth inning.

When Lincecum walked the pitcher Johnson with one out in the sixth and Melky Cabrera followed with his second single in a boo-filled homecoming, Jose Bautista followed with a scorching line drive to the left side. Pablo Sandoval, back from a foot injury, speared the ball then fired a throw toward second base.