For all of last season Chris Snee played for the Giants with a partially torn labrum and bone spurs in his right hip before having surgery this offseason. The hip issue was difficult but manageable for Snee for four years because the labrum was not impeding on his joint.

Snee is currently dealing with labrum injury in his left hip the result of so much pounding playing right guard for nearly a decade. This injury is more painful than the first hip issue according to a source because this one is impeding the joint which prevents him from functioning on the field.

“Yes surgery is definitely an option’’ the source said. “The question is just if they can get the hip playable like they did with the other one. He is a tough SOB but if you can’t move it doesn’t matter how tough you are. The last time at least he was able to move.’’

If Snee 31 requires surgery it would end his season — and possibly his career. The recovery time for a torn hip labrum is 6-8 months. Snee the son-in-law of coach Tom Coughlin has previously contemplated retirement.

Snee missed his first game of the season last week in Kansas City with third-year lineman James Brewer starting at right guard. Unless there is an unforeseen dramatic improvement Snee’s availability for Sunday’s game against the Eagles is extremely doubtful.