Antrel Rolle doesn't mess around when it comes to injuries.

The New York Giants safety has played with torn rotator cuffs and a "jacked-up" knee over the past couple of seasons. So even though he said he felt "one of the worst pains that I felt probably in my lifetime" when he sprained his right ankle Monday Rolle had shed his protective walking boot by Wednesday.

"Boots are for the wimps man. I'm not a wimp" Rolle cracked. "Nah I mean just taking it as it goes. The first day obviously was the worst. I have been grinding until about 3 in the morning since it's happened just trying to get better."

It's no wonder why Tom Coughlin practically scoffed when asked if it's feasible that Rolle could be ready for the season opener against Dallas on Sept. 8. Coughlin said he's wondering about Rolle coming back in a week never mind Week 1.

"That's not even a question" Rolle said about the opener. "That's my goal. I don't know what everybody else's expectations are but if I can play I am going to go. It doesn't matter if it is this week it doesn't matter if it is next week it doesn't matter if it is Week 1. I am never the kind of guy that is going to milk an injury. If I can go I am going to go."

"Right now it feels a million times better than it did initially" he added. "Just a lot of praying and hard work at night. I am just happy that I am as far along as I am right now."

Rolle said the pain he felt Monday when he came down on his ankle was excruciating. He has missed just one regular-season game in the past seven years due to injury in 2009 while with the Cardinals.

He played through pain in his knee for several weeks after banging it on a camera on the sideline in Carolina in Week 3 last year.

"The knee was worse because it just lingered so long" Rolle said. "It took me maybe about eight or nine weeks to actually get the fluid out of my knee. But this initially this is one of the worst pains that I felt probably in my lifetime."