Relief candidate Scott Proctor still gets butterflies as he prepares to pitch. Being 36 does not change that. Nor do the positive memories of pitching in the late innings so many times for the Yankees and Dodgers.
"Once I've jogged from the bullpen and haven't tripped, I'm fine," Proctor said. "That's the nervous part for me."
Proctor readily admits he has tripped a lot, on his own, with nobody sticking a foot in his way.
He is a recovering alcoholic who said he has been sober for four years.
The popular narrative of Proctor's downfall held that his arm blew out because Yankees manager Joe Torre overused him in 2006 and 2007. He pitched in 83 games both years, including 31 for the Dodgers after a midseason trade in 2007.
Proctor tells a different story.
"I think some things that happened and some poor choices on how I lived my life led to it more than anything," he said.
Part of that was not eating right or sleeping enough, the basics of being a good athlete, but that was not the killer. He said he had a "serious drinking problem" as a binger who sometimes stopped only when he ran out of booze or passed out.

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