David Wilson put it simply:

Throwing him the ball more just makes sense. In his mind the fact that he’s never been much of a receiving threat shouldn’t matter.

He can change that. He’s ready to change that.

"I’m a fast guy and I got good hands" Wilson told The Star-Ledger Sunday before practice. "So whenever I’m out in space give me two (defenders) and 20 yards of space nine times out of 10 I’m going to win that battle."

At Virginia Tech he averaged nearly 10 yards a reception but with had no more than 22 catches per season. Last year as a rookie with the Giants he caught four of the nine balls thrown in his direction averaging 8.5 yards per catch.

"And I’m getting better each day" Wilson said. "So we’ll see that when I step out on the field. Actions speak louder than words."

Entering his second season Wilson knows that he’ll need to bear more responsibility. Seventy-eight of his 125 offensive snaps last year were on designed run plays while just 47 came on passes. But this offseason his teammates have noticed an increased focus on perfecting his routes and receiving ability.

During training camp the screen plays look more potent. For linebackers moving over to guard him in the slot or on a route out of the backfield it’s a taxing assignment. And with so much focus being placed on the Giants’ receivers it seems there will be plenty of opportunities to get Wilson those ideal matchups.