First-round pick Justin Pugh is still a bit unnerved by the concussion he suffered two weeks ago that has delayed his NFL debut.

The offensive tackle from Syracuse’s excitement at suiting up for the Giants against the Colts on Sunday at MetLife Stadium is admittedly tempered by a still-fresh memory of what Pugh said was the first concussion of his life.

Pugh initially didn’t know what to think after absorbing a head-to-head collision after pulling to make a block during indoor team drills the first week of practice.

“To not know what was going on [was scary]” Pugh said yesterday. “You have these real bad headaches and you’re sensitive to light and noise. You tell them you have a headache and they take you through all these different things and you think ‘Am I never ever going to become all right again?’ Because it’s your brain you know?”

The symptoms finally went away with lots of rest in dark rooms and Pugh now appears set to see significant playing time against Indianapolis.

“I’m excited to get back out there and get into my first NFL game” he said. “But [a concussion] is something that definitely shakes you up a little bit.”

* For the Giants it was encouraging to see Antrel Rolle walking without a protective boot for the first time since spraining his right ankle Monday.

The veteran safety said he didn’t have a timetable for returning to practice but added he hopes it will be soon enough to play in a preseason game.

“That’s my goal [to play in the preseason]” Rolle said. “If I can play I’m going to go. I’m never going to be the guy that’s going to milk an injury.”

Rolle suffered what he said was a low ankle sprain — not the dreaded high ankle sprain that can sideline a player for weeks if not months — after getting tangled up with tight end Bear Pascoe in a one-on-one drill.