Nothing. That’s what Eli Manning accomplished Saturday night with his passing game — and that never has happened before.

This is Manning’s 11th season and in every game, every preseason affair, he always has left the field managing to complete at least one pass. That’s not too much to ask, but he didn’t get that accomplished against the Steelers, as he went 0-for-2 and the one touchdown the starting offense produced came on Rashad Jenning’s 73-yard run.

In four series, it was almost as if the forward pass was not invented yet for the Giants and their starting offense. The fewest completions Manning has ever had in a preseason game is two — he did that three times — and now he’s got a new summertime low.

“I’m not totally shocked,’’ Manning said. “Honestly it’s not the ideal situation, but when you have only two attempts, there’s that possibility.’’

The Giants (2-0 in the preseason) beat the Steelers, 20-16, and found their winning points with 2:50 remaining on Curtis Painter’s 3-yard scoring pass to rookie Corey Washington, who also caught the game-winning touchdown reception last week in Canton to beat the Bills. That’s good for Painter and great for Washington, but the Giants need to get Manning and Co. in sync at some point, don’t they?

“The production should have been better,’’ coach Tom Coughlin said. “We certainly do have things to work on.’’

Coughlin said the Giants holding back a bit from showing off their new attack might have something to do with the sluggish results, and Manning agreed.