For most of his playing career, Kelly Olynyk hasn’t had to give much thought to what he would be doing on opening night of the season.

Playing in the game, of course.

But this season is different, courtesy of a tussle for a rebound against Kevin Love in Game 4 of the playoffs last season against Cleveland.

The play ended in Love suffering a left shoulder injury and missing the rest of the postseason, while Olynyk was given a one-game suspension for his role in the incident which will be served Wednesday night in Boston’s season opener against Philadelphia.

And so on the eve of the Celtics’ first game of the season, Olynyk prepares just like every other Celtic knowing his time to shine won’t come about on Wednesday.

“It’s never fun having to sit out,” Olynyk told “You always want to be out there to help your team.”

He can’t even do it in the form of a 7-foot cheerleader, either.

League rules prevent players who are suspended from being in the arena during the game.

When I asked Olynyk what his plan was for watching the game, it was clear after a brief pause that he had no definitive agenda for viewing the game.