I never really bought into the late-season idea that Justin Tuck could be a New York Giants cap casualty. I know he was disappointing in 2012, and actually for most of 2011 as well. But especially with Osi Umenyiora almost certain to be gone, I think the Giants have too much in the bank with Tuck to cut him loose and rebuild their entire pass rush around Jason Pierre-Paul. It is my belief that Tuck will be a Giant in 2013.

So if that's the case, per the Giants' web site, what's Tuck planning to do to get ready for it?

"Just work my butt off to become Justin Tuck of old. Do whatever I can do as a leader in a leadership role to prepare this team for a championship run next year. And get some rest and just come back knowing that regardless of what happened this year, we still have a very quality football team that could put it all together again next year and have an epic 2013."

A noble goal, to once again become the Justin Tuck of old. That was some kind of special player. And the extent to which the Justin Tuck of the present kind of fades in and out in terms of interest and intensity is one of the maddening mysteries that surround the Giants these days.