Everyone wants the new guy to look the part on the first day of a new job, but when Johnathan Hankins arrives on May 10 for the Giants rookie mini-camp, prepare to be underwhelmed.

“No, you’re not going to be real impressed,’’ Luke Fickell, Ohio State’s co-defensive coordinator, yesterday told The Post.

Not impressed with the second-round draft pick?

“He’s not going to have veins in his arms or look like somebody where you’re going to go ‘Oh [expletive],’ ’’ Fickell said. “He’s going to have a gigantic smile on his face, he’s going to be happy-go-lucky but his body is not going to impress everybody. It’s not going to be ‘Oh [expletive], there’s Justin Tuck.’ Not going to see the veins bursting out. Like abs, everybody’s got ’em, some are just covered up. His are covered up.’’

What we have here is a roly-poly rookie known as “Big Hank’’ by everyone at Ohio State, a jumbo-sized defensive tackle the Giants believe can consume opposing running games with his girth. When Marc Ross, the Giants’ director of college scouting, described Hankins as a “wide-body’’ he spread his arms out to his sides to indicate a rather large bottom. Based on ability, plenty of scouts had Hankins as a first-round talent. But that body, oh, that body.

“That’s one of those reasons he ends up where he is, there are some negative things,’’ said Fickell, who served as Ohio State’s interim head coach in 2011 after Jim Tressel was suspended and eventually resigned. “He looks fat. He looks chubby. Yeah, he’s not a great-bodied guy.’’

The Giants went into the draft determined to get bigger and they don’t grow them much bigger than Hankins, though he’s not as large as he once was. Fickell recalls Hankins arriving on campus weighing “350-ish’’ pounds and there was plenty of concern this Detroit-area prospect might be too big to ever be any good.