The Giants and their fans wish they could snap their fingers and go back to the future and sneak the young Sam Huff the young Lawrence Taylor the young Harry Carson and Carl Banks onto the field in this desperate attempt on Judgment Day to keep Eagles running back LeSean McCoy from digging a knife through the franchise’s heart much too early in what already has been a nightmare season.

Alas they’re all on their own.
Stop Shady McCoy and let the first flicker of light interrupt the darkness. Stop McCoy and stop the bleeding before the day can be remembered as Sunday Bloody Sunday.

“He can make his cuts on a dime like nobody I’ve ever seen” Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger said. “The only person I’ve seen do stuff like that so consistently is maybe like Reggie Bush in college. With a lot of running backs you kinda guess where they’re going but you can’t really guess where he’s going ’cause he’s so shifty.”

McCoy is the Eagle who has a history of making pigeons of the Giants and he has never been more dangerous than he is now as the perfect back for Chip Kelly’s go-go offense.
“He’s our version of Barry Sanders this era because somebody that can just jump-cut and sidestep and just make you miss” Paysinger said.

Terrell Thomas can see the similarities with Sanders: “He’s not the level of Barry Sanders but he definitely mimics the way he runs the way he’s agile and able to cut and find a way and be able to reverse the field.”

Cullen Jenkins played with McCoy and agrees the Sanders comparisons are legit.