The Giants have filed an official protest with Major League Baseball following Tuesday night’s 2-0 loss at Wrigley Field, when a 15-minute rainstorm in the fifth inning left the field unplayable because the grounds crew failed to fully cover the infield.

A club source confirmed the Giants went through all the proper channels and filed paperwork with the league, even though the strict interpretation of Rule 4.12 would appear to leave them no loophole for MLB to consider it a suspended game to be resumed at a later date.

The Cubs, who were embarrassed by their failure to preserve the field, also lobbied the league to suspend the game and complete nine innings prior to Wednesday night’s contest.

But precedent was set on July 23 when a similar incident happened to the Texas Rangers in the fifth inning of a game at Yankee Stadium, and the league awarded a 2-1 victory to the home team.