The traits that have made Sergio Romo adored by fans and respected by teammates are the same traits that make him a ticking time bomb. Or at least a high-wire act without a net.
Romo, who earned the Giants' closer role with his lights-out performances late last season, runs on guts and emotion. It was pure David vs. Goliath when Romo got the last out of the World Series by throwing a fastball by Triple Crown-winner Miguel Cabrera, who might still be standing at home plate at Comerica Park, waiting for a slider.
After that, and after Romo's three World Series saves and his 14 saves in 15 opportunities in the 2012 regular season, how could anyone doubt that Romo is your rock-solid door-slammer? Well, stuff happens. It's been an eventful offseason, and if the question is, "What key Giant is the most volatile element on this relatively stable team?" the answer is S. Romo.
Romo, while seemingly rock-solid emotionally on the mound, has made no effort to hide the demons of doubt, the fear of letting down his teammates. And now his role is bigger and more vital than ever.
Monday Romo returned to the Giants' camp, fresh from his brief but eventful stint with the Mexican team in the World Baseball Classic. He breezed into the clubhouse wearing dark wraparound shades, his face foliage trimmed down to a small goatee.
A nosy writer (this one) wanted to talk to Romo about his new closer status on baseball's greatest team, about his adventures with Mexico, about a couple off-field things, and about life in general.

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