All at once, the relaxation disappeared Sunday and the Giants, constantly the victim of their own mistakes, were back into a dogfight.

The Eagles were lining up for an onside kick with 4:07 remaining in the fourth quarter. The Giants held onto a shutout and a two-score lead before an errant punt snap sailed over punter Steve Weatherford’s head.

The punter tried to kick the ball out of the back of the end zone, registering a safety, but missed, allowing Najee Goode to scoop it up for the touchdown. All at once, the Giants were back on their heels again. They were frustrated and bumbling.

Eli Manning threw his hands in the air unable to relay calls on the following possession and Victor Cruz did his best to calm everyone down.

This, though, was the prelude to the Giants second straight win of the season and not another loss. The 15-7 victory was by no means graceful or forceful. It did not place the team at ease, or lay the groundwork for a powder-charged comeback in the division.