We're 10 months removed from the announcement of Buster Posey's nine-year, $167 million contract. It's probably not the right time to evaluate its success or failures. It's not really close to the right time. We're years and years from figuring out how the Giants fared with their calculated Posey gamble.

But it's not too early to note something that's different between March and now. Here's what I wrote when the Giants and Posey were merely talking about an extension:

So unless Posey will sign a mid-range deal -- think Carlos Gonzalez and his seven year, $80.5 million deal -- which he won't, I don't see the urgency for right now right now right now right now. There's time. Time to gather information, and time to experience seasons where everything doesn't end with a major award and a championship. Because, call me a cynic, but that isn't going to happen every year.

This probably isn't the offseason to go for the big extension, then.

The thinking was that by locking Posey up right after he enjoyed one of the greatest seasons ever by a catcher, the Giants were buying high. From a pure leverage standpoint, Posey should have commanded less after a season like 2013, for example. He finished last season as a great player in the middle of a slump, not as a demigod whose fingernail trimmings were likely to turn into gleaming golden trophies. Like it was with Joe Mauer with the Twins and Justin Verlander with the Tigers, picking the MVP offseason to chase the extension seems impatient.