Giancarlo Stanton saw enough of Heath Bell last year to know what to expect.

Marlins fans probably had a pretty good idea, too.

Stanton punished Bell’s shoulder-high fastball in the ninth for the go-ahead home run -- his second of the game and 100th of his career -- as the Marlins began their road trip with a 3-2 win over the first-place Diamondbacks.

“That’s what I didn’t do all of April and obviously all of May when I wasn’t playing,” said Stanton, who has been on fire since returning from the disabled list a week ago. “That’s what I need to do.”

The Marlins mustered only three hits all night -- a bloop single by Juan Pierre and Stanton’s two home runs. But they made them count. Stanton’s home run in the sixth -- a towering two-run shot into the second deck off Patrick Corbin -- tied the score.

His opposite-field shot with one out in the ninth gave them their only lead.

“I’ve heard about it and seen it on highlights,” Pierre said of Stanton’s slugging might. “But to witness it, when he gets it going like that, is pretty special, fun to watch. I’ve never seen nobody hit the ball like he hits it.”

Bell saw it first-hand during his one, disastrous season with the Marlins.

He saw it from a different angle on Monday in what was his first appearance against his former team since the Marlins traded him to Arizona.

After getting two quick strikes on Stanton, Bell wasted a slider low and away. Stanton said he figured then that Bell would come high with a fastball, and that’s exactly what happened.

“He was probably going to come fastball up,” Stanton said. “It wasn’t a bad pitch on his part. It was up and away. It wasn’t like it was right down the middle.”